Gary Ignasiak Pres

Gary Ignasiak

National DQOA President

St. Clair, MI

The Dairy Queen Operators' Association was established by Dairy Queen franchisees to support and be a resource for fellow operators. Our goal is to provide timely information, to examine issues and provide input to operators, encourage development and promote a successful DQ system.

Members of the Association formed and support the Dairy Queen Operators' Cooperative, which provides competitively priced ADQ approved products and services that create savings to your stores' bottom line. This success model has enabled franchisees throughout the DQ system to enjoy decreased margins and more profitability in their stores. Purchasing DQOC endorsed products from a DQOC distributor not only saves you money but makes the availability of competition in the market place. This is priceless for all DQ owners. DQOA members especially gain because DQOC product purchasers enjoy an annual dividend. If you are not currently purchasing, check out the products and distributors availability.

We are happy to say that DQ franchisees are our #1 customer.

The DQOA franchise members, board of directors and staff are committed to working for the benefit of the franchisees.